Black Legion Clan Large Scale Mulitplayer Gaming


Title Description Ribbon Action
Basic Infantry Training
  • This will train you to become a Rifleman and Assistant Automatic Rifleman
  • How to install and update mods and join the server
  • How to sign up to events on the website and pick a slot
  • How to use ACE
  • Map Reading and Navigation
  • Radio and ACRE Training
  • What to carry as an Assistant
  • Basic Medical
  • Buddy System
  • After completion of Basic Training you will be qualified to take any Rifleman and Assistant MG Rifleman role.
Intermediate Infantry Training
  • Grenades and Underbarrel Grenades
  • CQB Training
  • Fire and Movement
  • How to work as part of the fireteam
  • Intermediate use of Radios
  • After completion of Intermediate Training you will be qualified to take Grenadier roles
Advanced Infantry Training
  • After completion of advanced training you will be qualified to take Special Forces Operator Roles
Automatic Rifleman TrainingEditDelete
Fireteam Leader TrainingEditDelete
Section/Squad Leader TrainingEditDelete
Platoon Sergeant and Leadership TrainingEditDelete
Company Commander TrainingEditDelete
Combat MedicEditDelete
Platoon MedicEditDelete
AA/AT SpecialistEditDelete
Designated MarksmanEditDelete
Spotter and SniperEditDelete
Forward Observer / Air ControllerEditDelete
UAV OperatorEditDelete
Mortar / Artillery TrainingEditDelete
Combat Engineer and EOD SpecialistEditDelete