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Black Legion and how you can be a part of it.

Founded in 2002, Black Legion is more than just a group of people who come together to play a variety of multiplayer games. It is a quality-over-quantity community of like-minded gamers, we provide a positive experience for members of all preferences be it hardcore gaming or just casual fun, with an investment in each other and the community. Black Legion is mostly a Western Europe based community, but have members around the world.

We are a community of players, mission makers, modders, and most importantly, friends, that focuses on ARMA3, Counter Strike 2, DayZ, DnD and Ready or Not, while also playing a wide variety of other games. The mission makers and modders help enhance the playability of the games. We are dedicated to developing an experience that we've already spent 20+ years cultivating, due to accomplishments of our members throughout the time the community has been around.

Black Legion Playstyle & Principles:

At Black Legion, our playstyle emphasises both the epic battles and coordinated raids, giving players an immersive experience. Rooted in mature and collective responsibility, setting the stage for a serious approach to virtual warfare, making sure that every mission or event is an enjoyable experience for players organising and participating. We sidestep many of the undesired trappings of traditional "milsim", such as static in-game structures and out-of-game roleplaying elements. We embrace the ability to play as any faction in ARMA, utilizing a wide selection of equipment, providing mission-makers with creative freedom, and enables players to explore and develop skills.

For Black Legion, Community is a major aspect that acts as the glue binding us together. Our emphasis on community development and interaction creates an environment that transcends the virtual realm, fostering a group experience that surpasses the ordinary. The more you put in, the better the experience and more active the community is. We pride ourselves on having a "No-Nonsense" mentality. Toxic attitudes have no place within our community. We prioritise the health of the group, by having a "Code of Conduct" which members are held to. Having fun events shouldn't come at the expense of players being toxic, and won't be tolerated. Our goal is to maintain a high level of tactical gameplay. This is achieved by both having a comprehensive training program coving basic and advanced skills needed to navigate the complexities of the games we play, and through casual games allowing players to both try out new skills and develop existing ones.

We have a comprehensive leadership team, consisting of Clan Admins who handle the major aspects of the clan, Clan Officers who handle the day-to-day running of the community, and Game Officers who handle the management of specific games. We are seeking quality individuals who embody our principles of community, maturity, eagerness to learn and a dedication to long-term involvement. Skills can be taught, but your attitude shapes the community. There are a number of requirements we look for in a member such as:

Black Legion Membership Requirements:
  • Minimum age is 18, there are no exceptions on this.
  • You must have a microphone and speak English.
  • You need to have TeamSpeak 3 and Discord.
  • You need to have at least 1 of the following games - ARMA3, Counter Strike 2, DayZ, Ready or Not
  • You need to be active on both TeamSpeak, Discord and attend the events we run if possible (work/real-life events permitting).
  • You need to not have a VAC or Game Ban on record.
  • Members are encouraged to get the ARMA3 DLC.

Joining Black Legion:

To become part of the Black Legion you can apply via our website and filling out our user-friendly application process. Introduce yourself, share your age along with how you discovered us and why you would like to join. Your application is your first impression, so take the time to provide as much information as possible. If you join via our Teamspeak 3 Server, one of our Clan Admins or Clan Officers will be happy to help you through this process.

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